Know the best way to earn money in Kenshi

Do you know Kenshi? Do you know what is the best way to earn money in Kenshi? Not yet? Don’t worry, we’ll teach you how to earn money playing this RPG (Role Playing Game). This game was released on the market in 2018 and has sustained development that has led it to sell around 2 million copies to date.

It is not a very well-known game, however, it has managed to maintain its growth since its launch. It is an open world strategy game that gives you the opportunity to select up to 13 different scenarios, each with different approaches.

Set in an unforgiving world of hungry bandits, bloodthirsty cannibals, brutal slavers and wild beasts, you will have to survive a grueling fight. Achieving goals and fulfilling duties will give you earnings with which you can improve and advance in the game. Now let’s see what is best way to make money Kenshi.

How to make money in Kenshi. Farm bandits and animals

We recommend that you avoid confronting someone at first. At that level you will have neither the strength nor the tools to even face a small puppy. Stay alert as the city guards will help you with basic necessities. In the meantime, you need to start improving your combat skills. Train as much as you can.

When you have reached a certain level, look for a fight that you see that you can win. Upon winning, you will be able to loot corpses, but be careful not to loot the corpses of the guards. This will get you into trouble because doing so is considered a crime.

On the other hand, the bandits will give money and some items that you can use. The animals will give you skins that you can use to make better quality things later. Be aware, this method of Kenshi money making will not help you much, use it only to get out of trouble.

Kenshi how to make money. Copper

best way to make money in kenshi

This second way is almost the best way to make money in Kenshi. On the one hand, the investment is not that high and on the other hand, it will return a few thousand cats. Of course, you should know that you must first gather to acquire 10 construction materials from local merchants. From there, we will explain below:

Small hut

You will have your small hut paying only 5 construction materials. When building it, try to place it as close as possible to a city and a copper mine. If you are near the city, the guards will protect you. On the other hand, the proximity to a copper deposit gives you a source of work to Kenshi money making.

Research bank

Craft your research bench by investing only 3 building materials. Once you have it, find out about copper storage containers. After that, worry about building about 2 of these containers.

Collect copper

Go to the mine and start collecting copper by right clicking. With the left button you can see how your progress is going.

Keep in mind that your production can improve if your work skills improve. You can also achieve this by assigning more workers to the mine. We recommend that you invest your earnings in more workers and better backpacks at the first opportunity.

While you work, keep an eye out for bandits. If you are careless these can leave you with nothing. So as soon as you start collecting the copper, zoom out so you can keep an eye out and be on the lookout. The selling price of copper is about 200 cats per nugget. So, if you want big profits, collect the most copper in the shortest amount of time.

Kenshi make money. Bandages or tapes

When you start doing it you will realize that selling tape is even better than selling copper. For this task you will need: 6 books and 12 cotton, construction materials and iron plates. From then on we explain it to you now:

Research bank

Investigate the following

1. Picking cotton (2 books and 2 cotton)

2. Fabric Making (1 book)

3. Clothing Making (1 book)

4. Hats and Headgear (2 books)

After you finish your research go to the next phase.

Small cotton farm

Locate your farm somewhere with a nearby well or water reservoir. Worry about watering your farm. Plant 10 cotton plants. Collect, to begin with, about 50 or 60 plants.

Cloth loom

Build your loom and assign some worker. Then place your best armorer in the clothing bank and he will start making the bandages or ribbons. Never forget that the most important thing is to expand the cotton field to the maximum in order to optimize the manufacture of bandages.

The sale price of the bandages is 6 cats at the beginning. However, this will increase as you progress until you reach 930 per band.

Kenshi making money. Train a thief

Training a thief is an option that can make you a lot of money. You don’t need to train an entire army of thieves, one is enough. See to it that he excels in the art of stealth assassination.

Upgrade his stealth with armor so he can get from place to place without waking up or alerting guards. In this way the thief can seek out a prince of Fogmen, knock him unconscious, and then decapitate him.

If you want, you can speed up this process by simply beating up the Fogmen and tying them to prisoner posts. In this way you will attract squads of warrior princes and thus achieve a greater amount of gold.

How to make money Kenshi. Sell prosthetics

To make money this way, you have to put aside both ethics and morals. The best place to sell prosthetics is the city in the black desert. There you can sell them on the second floor of the prosthetics shop in town. Just make sure you’re wearing acid-resistant armor. If you don’t wear it, you’ll start melting right there.

In this transaction you can achieve between 40 thousand and 50 thousand method gold. Don’t even think about attacking or robbing the store’s vendors. It is very likely that you will end up needing a prosthesis too. It’s hard for you to get out of there intact if you try this crazy thing. This is also a very good way to earn a good amount of gold in Kenshi.

The best way to make money in Kenshi. Frequently asked questions

How to get money faster in Kenshi?

By way of “Wandering Traders” This is perhaps one of the most complicated methods. Players must find the Merchant who will be at their starting location. Next, buy the items that are cheap until they run out of cats. Finally, they need to head to the nearest location and sell everything so they can make a profit.

Can I be a “Merchant” in Kenshi?

Unfortunately, not as the “Merchants” in Kenshi are NPCs who only focus on buying and selling goods for profit.

What are trade goods called in Kenshi?

They are all items that are generally intended for trade, processing or other uses. They are bought and sold for their value. In this they differ from most other items, which tend to sell for a much lower value. Often the latter are ingredients or can be manufactured themselves.

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