Get to know how to make money on redbubble

This is for you if you wish to learn how to sell Redbubble and make money on Redbubble.

What Is Redbubble and How Does It Work?

Redbubble is a popular online store for Print-On-Demand (POD) products. The goods on Redbubble are created by thousands of independent designers and artists who post their work to the website. Redbubble will print artworks onto the products and dispatch them to the customer after purchasing (on demand). The designer will be paid a royalty, generally between 10% and 30% of the purchase price (designers have a degree of control over their royalty margins). Anyone can sell on Redbubble because it is entirely free. To know how to make money on redbubble, and to register an account, post-work, or receive a royalty payment, Redbubble artists and designers pay nothing.

Redbubble will give you money via Paypal or directly into your bank account whenever your royalties account exceeds $20. (Monthly payment) Redbubble has a sizable consumer and visitor base. The website has high Google ranking and lists products on Google Shopping Ads (at no cost to you, the designer), increasing your chances of being discovered and making purchases.

Assuming you have solid ideas, decent artwork, and good descriptive data (titles, descriptions, and tags – we’ll go over this in more detail later), you upload your designs and let Redbubble handle the rest. You should start seeing sales and royalties within a few weeks.

What Is The Best Method To Make Money On Redbubble?

The first step is to get discovered on Redbubble, but if your work doesn’t fit what a consumer is looking for, it won’t matter (because you won’t get the sale).

To truly earn sales on Redbubble, you must first figure out who your target audience is and what they want and how to make money on redbubble.

You may also improve your chances of selling by doing a few basic things that most Redbubble merchants would overlook.

• Make decisions based on the data in your Redbubble dashboard

Redbubble provides you with a dashboard that displays your best-selling designs, which you can explore further on your ‘payments’ page.

If you have a single design that is starting to sell well, for example, you should make sure that all of the available goods are enabled.

You could also want to perform some Redbubble research on your design subject to see any other similar methods.

Because there is little competition in this sector, you may find that you are selling well – therefore, you may start boosting your sales by offering similar designs to the same market.

Create more “funny koala bear” designs if your “funny koala bear” design is selling well. It is a good way on how to make money on redbubble.

Also, if you discover a design is no longer selling, look for knockoffs (search the title on Redbubble and see if anyone has stolen your plan). If you come across a copycat, you can email a Notice and Takedown Report to Redbubble.

• Enhance the visibility of your artist profile

Many designers use Redbubble as a dumping ground, uploading their work and crossing their fingers for sales.

Customers on Redbubble, like those on any other e-commerce site, are looking for trust cues before they buy, and they often want to know that what they’re buying is being sold by a natural person, not an algorithm or a bot.

So, keeping that in mind, do everything you can to make your Redbubble account appear to be owned by a natural person.

Create a unique banner image, an excellent, unique thumbnail, an ‘about us’ section, and a social network link. After all, you’re a designer, so this should be simple and enjoyable.

The goal is to entice a casual browser to look at your profile, possibly follow you, or at the very least feel more comfortable purchasing one of your products.

• Consider the product first, then the artwork.

If a consumer wants to buy your design on a product, you will make a sale on Redbubble. Customers are more interested in items than in designs. Some methods work well on certain things, but not so well on others. For example, a simple front-chest-print text-based design may look fabulous on a T-Shirt, but it looks uninteresting and unpleasant when applied to a poster (e.g., with lots of dull, dead space around it). Create specific poster artwork to tackle this problem (Redbubble allows you to upload different artwork files for other products). For example, instead of putting your T-Shirt artwork on a plain solid background color to make a poster, you may add some extra design elements and create a more dynamic background to make your signs look more appealing. Because the artwork will be produced on a much larger canvas and can have more colors, gradients, and other effects that won’t translate effectively when printed on a shirt, posters lend themselves to considerably more detail than T-Shirt designs. It os one of the best ways on how to make money on redbubble.

• Concentrate on products that are less saturated and less competitive.

The majority of Redbubble artists will only list their designs on T-Shirts. Fewer Redbubble designers will allow their plans to be featured on less popular products. Even fewer will tailor their artwork to be as appropriate and appealing as possible for that product.

Instead of just generating designs and slapping them up wherever you may, look into some of Redbubble’s lesser-known product categories to see what sells well (sort by “bestselling”) and consider how you could produce artwork or designs that fit these products.

• Consider yourself a Redbubble customer (and act accordingly)

If you put yourself in your potential consumers’ shoes, you’ll be far more likely to see things from their perspective, which can lead to some critical ideas. We recommend using Redbubble to look for your designs, as this will allow you to see things from a customer’s perspective. Many similar-looking designs can be seen on search results pages. Choose a different default shirt color to help your designs stand out from the crowd. (For example, if most of the products are printed on black shirts, make yours red.)

• Use your blog or portfolio to drive traffic to your designs

Sending some of your traffic to your Redbubble designs is one of the best things you can do for them. Sending your social network followers is fine, and it will hopefully result in sales, but it is unlikely to help you rank on Google or within Redbubble.

If you have your websites, such as a blog or portfolio, you can use them to link to your Redbubble designs.

It can help you increase your rankings and generate a sales-increasing flywheel effect.

Having a portfolio website or blog for your designs is a fantastic idea for various reasons, one of the most important of which is the impact it may have on your design’s search rankings.

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