Get to know the best way to how to make money on Kenshi

You will discover during the game that possessing money, or Cats, is necessary to survive in Kenshi’s toxic environment. Here are a few helpful hints and strategies for Kenshi how to make money in this post-apocalyptic wasteland.

When determining which tactics to use, it’s a good idea to consider your long-term goals. For example, if you don’t intend to build a base, you should avoid strategies that involve laboring or crafting because you won’t be able to use the skills you gain. Instead, focusing on looting or trade will benefit you through more combat exposure and athletics and strength training from running with lots of looted or traded goods.

Locating Potential Buyers

First and foremost, you’ll need a venue to sell your belongings. Given that merchants only have so much money to spend on your commodities, it’s a good idea to have a plan for where you’ll sell them. In general, having a base close enough to Towns/outposts is a good idea, so you don’t spend too much time on the road. In addition, because it is adjacent to several villages, the area around the Hub is ideal for early game trading. Also, many (if not all) of the Western Hive settlements feature a Robotics Shop and a Trade Goods Trader, making them ideal locations for selling your goods.

Low-Risk Techniques

Purchasing and reselling Trade Goods or Crafting resources to sell might be challenging in the game’s early stages. Players frequently begin with a small number of Cats. These tactics should be beneficial to newcomers.


Player characters will lose fights early on. To compensate, drawing hostile squads towards a town using town guards is a common technique. Player characters should loot the downed characters after the guards knock all combatants unconscious. Instead of just stripping these individuals dry, players should prioritize looting the more valuable goods from them to preserve inventory space. All vendors should accept anything stolen from the attacking squad because they were most likely members of a hostile faction. Each group should be able to produce a few thousand cats.

Until the player can buy good equipment, players should lure robbers to the town guards for death and pillage. Finally, players should take on some roaming loners once they are confident in their characters’ abilities.

Looting in Bast

When the United Cities (UC) and The Holy Nation (HN) patrols meet in Bast, they fight each other. To avoid committing a crime and being attacked, wait until the other side is wholly defeated before looting their belongings. In the northeast of Bast, Drin contains a pub where you can sell your belongings and buy food before heading to a town. Because the Drin and the surrounding cities are UC, it’s advisable to loot HN stuff to avoid worrying about selling stolen things. It isn’t a big deal because UC patrols usually win.

When the Drin runs out of money, the bartender runs to Stoat or Sho-Battai to sell the rest, enlist recruits, and buy bags and pack animals so you may return and carry even more stuff. One smart thing to do early on is pay 10,000 Cats to join the Shinobi Thieves in Sho-Battai and get a 50% discount on Thieves Backpacks and other stuff.

When HN patrols attack the Drin itself, the best is where they engage in crime-fighting and amass a 500-cat bounty. Furthermore, the price increases by 500 each time they recover and resume fighting. As a result, a Paladin can get up to 1,500 cats as a reward. In the Drin, there are two prisoner cages on top of a building, and if they are vacant, all you have to do is place them in one of the cages to receive the bounty without having to go to a police station in town.

Because dead bounties only pay half as much as alive bounties, you’ll want to heal them before heading to the police office in Stoat or Sho-Battai. Fortunately, you’ll have amassed a sizable supply of basic first-aid supplies. So, in addition to the UC relationship bonus for turning in bounties, healing up the tips you’re turning in will eventually earn you some little HN relationship bonuses. The relationship penalty for bounty collection is substantially more significant than the benefit for mending. If you wish to keep your neutral ties, looted bandages can cure many people while only turning in a few. Carrying someone is also an excellent strength-building workout.

If you wear any plundered items around that faction, they will see right through your disguise and be furious. Also, you can use any bounty you have as extra inventory space by handing them looted stuff. When “stolen” equipment is placed in a specialized container, it loses its status (Armour for clothes, for example). Thus, this Kenshi how to make money can be used to get out of sticky situations with previous owners.

Deposits of Mining

Iron and copper resources may be found all over Kenshi. Depending on the extent of the mineral deposit, one to three workers can use it. Shift-left-clicking the guarantee gives characters mining jobs. Before each deposit is filled, workers will stop working and stack only five things. If these miners were offered a job, they would start it as soon as the copper they had mined transferred to their inventories. It’s a brilliant idea to transport the copper in a stacking backpack because backpacks reduce encumbrance while worn and considerably improve character carrying capacity.

Mining characters should not be left alone because the deposits are located in the wild, leaving employees vulnerable to attacks from wild animals and hostile factions. Players should rapidly shift their backpacks to their primary inventory or dump them on the ground if they are attacked. It is advised since, depending on the type of backpack, melee combat stats can be reduced by up to ten percent (note, the Small Thieves Backpack provides no penalty).

Players should first choose a town with a higher-than-100 percent price markup on copper and then locate the nearest copper deposit of reasonable quality, preferably 100. Finally, players should mine as much copper as possible and sell it to the dealer in town. Due to their mining and lugging enormous amounts of copper, this Kenshi how-to make money strategy will boost the characters’ Labouring and Strength stats.

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