Know ways to make money selling photos of yourself

Photography is more than just using a professional camera or mobile phone to capture people’s actions and moments. At this point, we are sure that you do not know that you can make money selling photos of yourself online.

In earlier times, only professional photographers could make money by selling assorted images on stock photography websites. The reason? Photographic equipment is usually expensive and that is why only a few top-level professionals could afford this expense.

However, thanks to current technological advances, it is now possible to have a high-resolution camera on your smartphone. Technology also makes available other accessories that help enhance your photos.

If you have a smartphone, then you can take photos of yourself anytime you want. Take advantage of this advantage to generate extra profits. Sell ​​your own photos on websites that are dedicated to buying them.

How to make money selling photos of yourself on the internet?

Like many other people, you could have the dream of being able to live doing the things you enjoy. Living doing those things that you would undoubtedly do for free does not sound bad at all. Photography is most likely one of those things.

It is also very likely that, inside your PC, laptop or tablet, you have a large number of excellent quality photos that no one has ever seen. You could be losing income for not dedicating yourself to setting up an online catalog.

We tell you, there is a variety of photographic discipline known as stock photography with which you can earn some money. You don’t have to be an internationally renowned photographer for stock photography agencies or individuals to be interested in your work.

Nor is it necessary for you to have a huge catalog of photos. You just have to have enough time and learn how to make money selling photos of yourself on specialized websites. We will tell you how, just keep reading this post that we have prepared for you.

Know how the sale of photos online works

how to make money selling photos of yourself

Selling photos online, contrary to popular belief, is a rather simple process. It is not required that you have vast technical knowledge in photography or computer science. You just need to put together an online catalog and start trading your work.

Perhaps the most difficult thing is to make your catalog interesting and profitable for you. But don’t worry, in this content we have included some keys to make your work as simple and profitable as possible. Once you assemble your catalog, you will only have to wait for the people, companies or agencies that visit these catalogs daily, to be interested in your photographs.

What are microstock photography agencies?

In the past, whenever a business or agency needed some photos for a campaign or presentation, they had to hire a professional photographer. Another option was to pay for specialized companies to search their catalogs for a suitable photograph. It goes without saying the amount of money that had to be invested to achieve what was sought.

There are now a large number of intermediary agencies that can sell your photos to a company for their brochures. You just have to register, put together the catalog and these companies sell your photos directly to those interested. It’s that easy.

Now, don’t expect to become a millionaire overnight just by doing this. The business is not to sell few photographs at a very high price. On the contrary, the idea is to sell many of your photographs at a very low price and in many of the agencies. This way you will be able to see a difference. It is easier to sell 500 photos at $1 each than one photo at $500.

Sites where you can sell photos online

Now it’s time for the bad news: every day new platforms appear that offer to serve as intermediaries for you to sell your photos on the internet. But wait, this does not mean that you should upload your catalogs to all of them. This would take a long time and the results are not guaranteed.

If you are really interested in learning how to make money selling photos of yourself on the internet, select only 4 or 5 agencies and post there. Try to make them the agencies with which you can work more comfortably, at least in the initial moments.

Below is our recommended list of the best microstock agencies. Take note of its main characteristics.

Adobe stock

This is a photography service that doesn’t need much of an introduction. Your requirements are:

  1. Images in JPEG format
  2. RGB color space
  3. Minimum image resolution 4 MP and maximum 100 MP
  4. Maximum file size of 45MB
  5. No watermarks or timestamps should be included
  6. It is not accepted to increase the resolution of the files
  7. Require photos to be the maximum file size the camera can produce.

Adobe Stock offer 33% of the profits from the sale of your photos. You start charging from $25 of sale. Do you now see how to make money selling photos of yourself online?

Gettyimages: Make money selling photos of yourself

This is one of the top stock photography banks you can find online. Suffice it to say that it has more than 1.5 million customers in 200 countries. To work with this platform, you just have to download its application, Contributor by Getty Images. Then upload a sample of 3 and 6 photos. If they are interested, you can collaborate with GettyImages or with Istock, which is also part of the same company.

The approval will be notified to you via email. They will offer you a non-exclusive deal so you can start uploading your photos or videos. Later, you can apply for exclusivity and that way you will get higher royalty rates and rewards.


The requirements of this platform are as follows:

  1. Images with a maximum size of 1GB
  2. File in JPEG/RGB, with the best compression quality
  3. At least 3 mpx resolution

Depending on the number of photos you sell, you can receive between 25-50% profit. You can start cashing from $100.

FAQ on how to make money selling photos of yourself online

1. How to make money selling photos of my body?

There are platforms like OnlyFans that can perfectly help you sell photos of your body. If you decide on this option, consult online how to obtain the highest income within this platform.

2. Who pays for feet photos?

You can also do it on the OnlyFans platform. This is a new trend and generates high income.

3. What is the first thing to know when selling photos online?

The most important advice we can give you is to be patient. It is very often the case that it takes time to sell your first photo. It may also be that you do not get to earn what you expected in the first few months. This is totally normal and has happened to everyone. But calm down, with work and desire, you can make money selling photos of yourself online.

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