In The Sims 4, there are many powerful methods to create money, but not all of them will make your Sim wealthy. Some players may be confused about which path to pursue in a game with so many alternatives. This tutorial is intended to provide players with ideas for generating Simoleans to provide a comfortable living for their Sims. We’ll start with the most profitable forms of self-employment, then go on to other ways Simmers can supplement their income. For individuals who desire to skip skilling up, money cheats are offered.

Cheats for Money

If you wish to cheat for money, open the command terminal with Control + Shift + C, then type in either motherlode ($50k) or kaching ($1,000). Players who wish millions of Simoleans can write 2000000 to have the household’s funds immediately match the specified value. Type free real estate on to make all homes accessible if you want to transfer a new Sim family into a mansion right away. It is how to sims 4 best way to make money.


If you want your Sim to be wealthy without cheating, here are the best ways to do so. At the very least, you’ll want enough to support a Sim family and provide them with a good standard of living. The following are the most popular ways to make money in the game. While I’m not trying to rank them, those that make the least money are near the bottom.

Start a Business

The Get to Work Expansion for The Sims 4 dramatically increases how players may generate money in the game by allowing them to sell anything they manufacture in the game in their shop using the Open for Business Retail features.


Getting a job is a no-brainer. It’s preferable if a Sim’s Skills are also good at creating money, allowing them to earn even more. Take the job of a painter, for example, the income is minimal, but they tend to earn more when working from home because paintings can sell for thousands of dollars. They gain better easels as a result of their career and can paint more Masterpieces as a result. In our Careers Guide, you’ll find a table of the highest-earning Careers and information on different Career Tracks and how to be in the appropriate mindset, as well as a comparison of the hours and days worked per week.


Given the necessity to graft plants and possibly even join a rocketship to complete your collection and create your dream garden, gardening is one of the most involved Skills in the game. It is possibly the highest-earning item on the list, but you must keep track of it because plants can perish. Focus on fruit that sells for more on an individual basis if your sole purpose is to make money. To get an idea, look at the plant list in the attached gardening book. Roses and pomegranates are generally more accessible than apples and spinach.


Painting is fantastic in that it allows you to begin earning large sums of money as soon as you complete your first piece of above-average quality. What’s even better is that you can produce money on the fly, allowing you to buy anything your Sims require to exist.


The Writing Skill allows users to earn money regularly. When your Sim completes a new book (which takes only 4 hours), they will be able to publish it and earn money from it every day. It can make a lot of money over time, and you may have so many books making money that the notification window won’t show the newer books. One of the best methods to get money in The Sims 4 is to sell items. It is how to sims 4 best way to make money.

Active careers

Get to Work owners can also earn money by pursuing the Doctor, Scientist, and Detective Active Careers. These are more time-consuming, as the more tasks you complete in a given workday, the more you advance toward your next promotion. In their ways, they’re all interesting, but Scientist has the most to offer.


Fishing, like painting, is a free way to make money on demand. Fishing will make you a lot of money as you get to the higher skill levels and start catching the large ones. Make sure to sell your fish because having them in your inventory raises a family’s expenses! However, it is not as reliable as it should be, and you must sell stacks of fish one at a time. It is why I’ve pushed it to the bottom of the priority list. A significant issue is that you must go to fishing sites with treefish, such as the one in Sylvan Glade, or you will not make as much money.


If you use your Sim’s skills to hack periodically while also building plugins and doing freelance work on the side, programming can generate a consistent income. Overall, it isn’t as good as some others, but it is sufficient to live on.


The Comedy Skill isn’t particularly lucrative, but it’s more than enough to keep a Sim family afloat. Players can make money by performing comedy routines at parties and nightclubs, but they will make the most money to buy a microphone for the park and amuse large groups.

Instruments of Music

Guitar, piano, and violin are among instruments that can be used to earn money through tips and song licensing (one at a time). Enough to get by, but not enough to make a fortune. None of the instruments stand out on their own, but if your Sim masters all three and can license more than one at a time, you may make a lot of money. Writing a song takes a long time and has a low payout, which is why it ranks so low on this list.

Playing video games

Video gamers can participate in tournaments once every few hours, and if their skill level is high enough, they can win cash rewards. Professional gamers can be wealthy in real life, but Sims do not have that luxury. Still, it’s a chance to earn money while being at home.


Collecting for a living necessitates a certain amount of luck. If you own Outdoor Retreat, you’re probably excavating rocks, gathering insects, and trying to find rare Elements. Many other Skills have Collections linked with them, but simply roaming around picking wild plants, getting MySims trophies, and living off what you can find fits into this category. Some finds will net you nearly a thousand dollars, while others may disappoint. At present, collecting is a means to supplement your income.

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