Hours to Improving HOW TO MAKE A MONEY JAR

This tutorial can teach you ways to create a cash jar use this technique to make a cash savings jar for any purpose economize for travel, your wedding, honeymoon, or anything saving.

How to create a cash jar for journey fund

I created this endearing journey Fund jar for my female parent for her birthday. This regard a way to create a cash jar can teach you the strategy, and it will be bespoke to save lots of up for travel, a wedding, a honeymoon fund, a special saving for – the sky the limit.


To make your cash savings jar, you may need:        

A Jar

I purchased my reception merchandise for several bucks to recommend checking Home merchandise, TJMaxx, Marshalls, Ross, etc. The hobby would probably even be selected, though I looked specifically for these forms of jars there. If you need to search Amazon, THIS canister set would all probability work well. However, more jars than you would like.


I purchased these, and they were good trick is to go looking for a chain rather than “charms” as a result of the charms that come back up for bracelets and big-ticket.

–   Even get specific with charms for the destination. Here some for PARIS, LONDON, & THE BEACH

– THESE would be nice for a marriage fund jar

– For a gravelly honeymoon, go together with THESE

– If you wish a general cash theme, THESE and THESE smart choices

Charms took from a chain to brighten the cash jar


I used yellow and white twisted string from the dollar store use no matter what have accessible. TWINE/JUTE is possibility attend to purchase one thing only for this.

Photo paper or card stock

What the printout picture(s) on the rear interior of the jar would like scissors to chop it out.

Rubber Cement

RUBBER CEMENT is my favorite glue to use for comes like this. I learned regarding it after I took some interior categories in school, and it ever getting an adhesive material implement that may take away it from places it belongs sometimes rubbing along with your finger can copulate. Either way, you get to take away any for this project.

Vinyl cutout or markers for glass

These are the decoration for the front of the jar. Mine says journey Fund and incorporates a compass, and a few arrows will say no matter wish Circuits we created own vinyl cutout if you have a Circuit and assault vinyl, ETSY has some choices.

For a possibility, write/draw on the jar by hand PERMANENT MARKERS would in all probability do the trick may get inventive with paint pens my expertise, they often scratch off, make recognize work before researching all the hassle.


Make a cash jar that finally ends up with one thing customized that gets excited regarding saving money!


These took a small amount of effort, and several husband tools touch bit of a method since do know of these steps written a separate post here to see If you may take away the lid to place cash in or leave the lid off entirely.


Because of a Circuits vinyl for my journey fund jar into vinyl have the flexibility to try and order things like this on Etsy. However, you may even use permanent markers or paint markers to brighten your jar.

I cut the “bracelet” ring off my charms with some wire cutters and every off so that they were individual. Then I cut a string longer than required to string my charms around the neck of my jar. Next, I tied a low knot around every so that they would keep breaking away from each other and not all pile along. I decorated them off to the aspect rather than the passionate ones once they looked at jewelry.

Because of my lid to insert cash, I used to be ready to screw it on and hold the string in situ. If the lid to insert with glue to get a wise approach of the threads forgets to go away the lid off till the glue is dry stand still on.


To put the photos within the back of your cash jar, you may 1st get to live what size you would like the finished image to be successive program prefers making art and making a custom-sized image to the measurements. If you don’t have a go-to program, CANVA is free Print it out on card stock or icon paper card stock accessible.

Then cover the rear of your icon with adhesive material, then insert it and push it right down to the rear interior of your jar. Make sure to let it dry before putting on a lid it wants air to the line.

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