How Much Money Does xQc Make on Twitch?

An anonymous hacker leaked 125GB of confidential Twitch knowledge to the web bulletin board 4chan earlier these days. Enclosed during this breach was Twitch’s ASCII text file, AWS info, knowledge for a yet-to-be-released Steam contestant, Twitch shopper knowledge, comment history, creator payout info, and more.

The contents of the breach shocked some Twitch viewers who learned what proportion their favorite streamers were creating on the platform what proportion will xQc create on Twitch?

The former Overmatch League professional averages around 55,000 coinciding viewers per Live stream and has seventy,781 current active Twitch subscribers, in step with Twitch huntsman.

Twitch subscriber of 70,781, xQc is creating a median of $176,952 a month truly a lot higher since this assumes all of his subs tier one that by multiplying a year and xQc can create of $2.1 million minimum each year from Twitch subscribers subs or xQc’s bits, donations, and Twitch ad revenue, which considerably adds on to the present range.

The Twitch leak claims that xQc’s total payout from August 2019 till October 2021 is almost $8.5 million. This implies he’s really creating a median of a minimum of $4.2 million each year, not together with his alternative sources of revenue besides Twitch, like YouTube and sponsorships. Several streamers like xQc also can talk terms further financial gain as a district of their exclusivity deal with Twitch doubtless this range is truly a lot higher.

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