How to become a wealthy space millionaire in No Man’s Sky by making quick money

Even if you’re not a space pirate, you’ll need to know how to make money fast in No Man’s Sky if you want to be able to travel the galaxy. It’s not just a matter of getting the most satisfying new ride or paying ridiculous fees for No Man’s Sky items being exchanged to you by an alien that hopes you have more limbs than sense. Here are ways on how to make money in no man’s sky 2019, so you can start making money right away.

Accepting assignments from vendors on space stations is one of the most consistent methods to make money in No Man’s Sky. While some missions will reward you with technology or nanite, most tasks will reward you with Units, the in-game currency.


As previously stated, improving your reputation with the three alien races will get you access to more challenging assignments. You can see in the screenshot above that the first quest nets you 55,563 units, while the task that requires level 8 reputation nets you 400,706 units.


Freighter missions are another reliable way to make money in No Man’s Sky. You can get a freighter by buying one or simply defending one from hostile ships – the captain will hand it up to you for free after conversing with him.


You could sell the freighter right now for cash, but we recommend constructing a Control Room and locating more rescuable/purchasable vehicles. At least one additional freighter will join your freighter, which you can use for exploration, industrial, or war missions.


You get a prize after each operation, usually a combination of Units, components, and rare materials or minerals. You can sell these goods as well, ensuring that your oligarchy has a regular stream of revenue.


You can also get assignments from your freighters, such as collecting 250 Chromatic Metal or delivering products, which typically reward you with a large number of Units or rare technology.



Eggcellent products


The Humming Eggs and Whispering Eggs, among the numerous valuable objects in No Man’s Sky, provide some of the most lucrative prizes. Twitter user Smelly Ferrett discovered this approach, and it is one of the easiest, if most dangerous, ways to quickly earn those precious units.


First, go to an abandoned or unfamiliar structure, which is usually where these gems can be located. We recommend that you park your ship as near the venue as possible if you need to make a quick getaway. They’re called Whispering Eggs if you hover the pointer over them. Don’t shoot at them or even touch them right now, or you’ll trigger the appropriately called Biological Horror.


To be able to manufacture walls, you must first construct a base computer. You’ll also need roughly 160-200 Carbon for this, so look around for that if you don’t already have it. Head over to a cluster of eggs once you’ve set up your base computer, claimed the region, and gathered your Carbon.


You’ll need to build four walls around the cluster, each of which must click into position. Once you’ve done that, double-check that you can easily jetpack in and out of your homemade enclosure. Set up walls around the eggs, perhaps leaving a few extra for the next step.



Innovations in Technology


Technology and the different elements and minerals available are significant factors in the game. Technology is at the center of No Man’s Sky, from fixing damaged machinery to improving your spaceship. As a result, some items are far more precious and rare than others, and you must decide if you want to sell any of them to buy a new ship or a particular item that can only be obtained from merchants.


For example, salvaged technology can be sold for 51,078 units per item, and a single Mind Control Device can be sold for 75,000 units. Single-use devices, such as the Mind Control Device, can fetch a high price if you don’t intend to utilize them on your frigate trips, while missions centered on recovering or transporting technology and supplies also pay well.


Upgrading your multitool scanner and analysis visor to the following best available will result in more and faster discoveries of valuable technology and goods on each planet.



Minerals, elements, and animals


Aside from creepy eggs, gathering minerals and elements in No Man’s Sky can yield significant rewards. For example, Herox will sell for 24,695 units per bud, while NipNip Buds would sell for 17,696 units each bud.


As you explore worlds, scanning the local flora, fauna, and wildlife will reward you Units, with added incentives starting at 250,000 Units to scan all the animals on a planet. If you’re like me, you’re doing so can name them something cat-related.


Shooting at the asteroids that orbit planets – and there are many of them – will reward you with Gold, Silver, or Tritium, the latter of which will be needed to power your starship’s fusion reactor. Gold and silver can be used to manufacture items for your ship or sold for profit, just like everything else.


Keep a watch out for mines, especially Copper and Cobalt, which are valuable commodities and handy tools, one of which is a favorite diet of many of the planet’s inhabitants. Vortex Cubes, which are regularly found in caverns and sell for roughly 25,000 units each, are another excellent source of cash.


Meet Polo the Gek


If you come across the space anomaly and inevitably run into Polo the Gek, you’ll discover that he has a list of research chores for you to complete. His rewards are fantastic, usually in the form of the starship, multitool, or exosuit upgrades, but he can also offer monetary prizes if you already have the greatest gear.

Space Pirates

All of the ways to get money in No Man’s Sky that we’ve mentioned thus far have been healthy and beneficial, so now it’s time for something completely different. Another sure-fire approach to generate money is to destroy hostile ships and target cargo freighters. The cargo loot can be a bit random, and you could wind up attracting the Sentinels’ attention and spending the next 40 minutes being chased around space until you find a trading post to hide in. These are our top ideas for getting rich fast.

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