Learn How to make a crown with money

Do you know How to make a crown with money? Have you heard of money garlands and strings of bills? Well now you will know about crowns of money. It is definitely another way to use money. Pay tribute to the queen, princess and prince of the house. Give them a gift that will make them look great.

Folding money properly so you can later craft a crown is yet another way to pass the time. It is also another way of giving money as a gift that the recipient will appreciate very much. Money crowns will look great on birthday boys, girls and graduates during their parties. We will teach you below how to make a crown of money

How to make a crown with money? Quick procedure

Worry about having all the elements you will need at hand so that your creation process does not stop. To start enjoying this creative experience you will use:

1. Cash. They can be new or old bills that you previously iron to remove wrinkles.

2. Scotch tape. With this tape you can join the pieces of bills to make the crown.

The amount of tickets to be used depends on the head of the person who will receive the gift. If the crown is for a child, about 10 bills will suffice, while for an adult, it will be between 12 and 14 bills.

As for the denomination of the bills that you should use, it is recommended that you use the one dollar for the tips of your crown. The reason? Well, on these bills, George Washington’s face is in a centered pattern with a frame, and they look better.

For the bottom of your crown you can use bills of any denomination. If the gift is for a very dear person you can use 100 dollar bills. It’s a joke!

How to make a crown of money? step by step procedure

Learn how to how to make a money crown step by step. Let´s do it, learn how to do it.

1.Place a 1-dollar bill. Take care, George Washington’s must be faced down

How to make a crown with money

2.Fold top corners – right corner and left corner – to the center until they meet on a common line

3. Flip the bill over so that George Washington’s face is facing up.

4. Tuck both ends of the bill under George Washington’s face to create a triangle.

Take four more dollar bills and go over steps 1 and 2. You will get five bill triangles.

5.On the other hand, take another bill of another denomination – we’ll use $10 bills for this example – and fold it lengthwise – in half – so that the crease crosses below nose of Secretary Hamilton’s face. Go over this step 4 times. You will get 5 rectangles.

6.Place the triangle on the rectangle in a central position and join them with scotch tape. Already here you have a unit of your crown. Repeat the same operation 4 more times to create 5 units. Fold back the rectangle of each unit so that it is behind the bill in triangle shape.

7. Now begin to join the units one to another. Just take two units and slide a rectangle inside another rectangle.

How to make a crown with money

8.Glue the triangles together trying not to see the tape. Also glue the rectangles to each other

9.Continue pasting additional units as stated in step 8.

How to make a crown with money

When you have placed the 5 units, connect the 2 ends with scotch tape to close a circle and form the crown. You already have something to give and be loved for the gift.

Frequently asked questions

Below is a sample of the most frequently asked questions regarding this topic.

Can I use different $1 bills for the crown tips?

Actually, the selection of the bills that you will use in your crown is a personal decision. However, we recommend the $1 ones for the tips for an aesthetic reason.

It is possible to make a money crown that is waterproof?

In theory, the resistance to water is the same as banknotes. The resistance is low. You could try using some varnish to increase that impermeability. You can do the test.

Can I use banknotes from any country to make the crown?

Absolutely. The format of the banknotes is more or less standard. You just have to take care of the aesthetic part. Look for bills similar in configuration to $1 bills.

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