How to Make a Money Crown

There are cash Leis, cash Chains, and currently cash Crowns for the blue blood, princess, king, or queen in your life.

Folding money into the form of a crown makes it good thanks to offering cash as a gift! Okay, I’m blue blood perhaps I’m biased cash Crowns look hanging, and it’s one thing the birthday lady, birthday boy, or graduate will wane their head throughout their party!

How to Create a Cash CROWN

Items you may need:

  • Cash (use new bills or iron older bills to create them crisp)
  • Tape

This cash Crown uses a standard style to increase or decrease the number of units to suit anyone’s head 2 bills taped along create one unit.

Ten bills can work a child’s head. I like to recommend 12-14 bills for adults.

TIP: I exploit one-dollar bills for the points of the crown as a result of martyr Washington’s face is targeted and framed, and it’s higher exploit larger bills for the bottom of the crown counting on the quantity would like to provide.

Instructions for creating cash Crown ten bills:

  1. Place a bill in order that it’s face down.
  2. Fold each the highest right and left corners to the middle to make a degree.

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