In 2021, there are six legitimate ways to generate money on Steam.

Did you know that playing your favorite games might make you a lot of money? This almost seems like a gamer’s dream.



Do you want to learn how to profit from Steam?


People can make money by selling their trading cards, steam products, and cosmetics in various steam games. Yes, they’re all valuable enough to earn you some extra cash every month.


I’m confident that you’ll find this list informative, given there aren’t many websites dedicated to this subject, how to make money on steam.




What is the best way to generate money on Steam?


Here are six different methods on how to make money on Steam.


1. Acquiring goods


So, the first way is to get your hands on some very cool stuff that most players would love to have. The difficulty now is how to obtain these value-added steam things.


You can play games and collect dropped goods and trading cards, but your options are typically limited. Similar to Dota 2, consistent item drops supply you with a steady stream of things, but the rare drops require a lot of chance.


Second, you’ll need to keep an eye on the market and wait for an item’s price to decline. This usually occurs when the number of drops increases as a result of a more significant player population.


Furthermore, trading allows you to make quick money. Let’s pretend you’ve hit the jackpot in Dota 2 and discovered a valuable item. Then this random individual approaches you and gives you ten keys in exchange. A clever gamer would double-check both sides’ market values before striking a deal. This one such way on how to make money on steam.




2. Increase the price of the item you’re selling


When it comes to trading cards, foils have a higher value than conventional ones. As a result, you charge a lot more for them!


The natural rule is that the rarer an item is, the higher its market value. You can quickly charge a hundred dollars or more for a single thing!


It’s all about the time. There are two scenarios in which “ordinary” products may sell for a higher price:


1. A new trading card system for a game has just been released. Cards that are dealt first sell for a lot more than cards that are dealt later.


2. Cards or artifacts that are no longer in circulation are more valued.


If you look for summer trading cards in the Community Market, you may see this happening right now. The price of the foil cards from the summer sale has noticeably increased.


This is true for foil cards right now, but standard cards will get increasingly expensive over time as well.



3. Keep your trading cards in a safe place.


As previously said, most games will reward you with steam trading cards in exchange for playing them.


They usually only worth a few cents each, but you’ll typically get two or three of them a game. And if you’re LUCKY, you might get a couple of dollars in the form of a card.


There is no particular pattern that you can learn to ensure that you acquire valuable game cards.


However, some guidelines will assist you in the long run. Going over them lays the groundwork for you to obtain them in the first place.


After the first 15 minutes of gameplay, it appears that you will receive your first card. After 2 hours of gameplay, the second card will be revealed.


It’s best not to think about it when it comes to getting cards. Enjoy the games you already own, and your trading card collection will grow over time.




4. Don’t Throw Away Pre-Release Items


Developers will occasionally release exclusive pre-order or early access crates or goods.


If these products can be sold on the Steam market, you might want to keep them. After the game is fully released, these artifacts can often be worth hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.


The Playerunknown cosmetic set, which was given to all players who pre-ordered PUBG, is a perfect illustration of this. The game was only $30 at the time, and the set was included for free.


The cosmetic package is currently available on Steam for $1,400.



5. Using Steam Direct to distribute an original game


On Steam, this is the only way to earn actual money. You can either design your games or hire a developer to do so and then sell them through Steam Direct. The money you earn by selling these games or by making in-app purchases is real money that you can take out.


However, this comes with a lot of hard work and investment because producing your own game or having one made by a developer is not easy in terms of effort and investment.


The guidelines and criteria for distributing a game via Steam have been updated. Steam now has more stringent guidelines for acceptable content.


The game you create must be both engaging and adhere to Steam’s criteria and standards, which have recently become more stringent.


However, if you believe you can create a game that people would adore, there is a chance you may make some real money!


In the midst of all of this, keep in mind that Steam receives 30% of all game sales revenue. Although 30% is a large percentage, they allow you to sell your game to a large community of gamers, and it is one-way Steam makes money.


When you reach a total payout of 1000 dollars, the $100 you put in initially is repaid to you.


Keep these critical suggestions in mind if you want your game release to be a success.


Make sure that your game is engaging and enjoyable to play.


The game’s images and trailer must be fantastic for people to be excited about the game’s release.


You can immediately determine whether your game will be a big hit or not by looking at the first few player reviews; if they’re positive, the game is positive, and vice versa.



6. Keep an eye out for new items in your favorite games.


A few games include something other than card trading. By going to the Steam Market and using the “browse by game” option on the right side of the Steam program, you can identify which titles are missing critical features.


Things in Golf With Your Friends are a fascinating example.


A game that costs only $6 will drop items that can cost as much as $8. You must be lucky to collect these items, but they frequently appear throughout the game.

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