Legitimate ways to generate money on Steam in 2021

Did you know that it is possible to generate money on Steam? If video games are more than entertainment for you, you should know about Steam. Do you want to monetize the time you spend on this form of entertainment? Then you can’t miss knowing the best methods to have extra income while having fun.

Steam is one of the most popular online video game distribution platforms in recent years. Thanks to its high number of fanatic users, the possibilities of generating income online are there waiting for you. You can receive these extra incomes comfortably from home or traveling around the country or the world.

Do you want to know the most reliable methods to generate money on Steam?

Like any other popular video game platform, Steam presents a whole path with economic possibilities to exploit. Here are some methods that fans have found helpful in making money with and exploring their full potential. Let’s see:

Earn money selling special video game items

There are video games available in the Steam catalog that have a considerable commercial output. This demand goes beyond the acquisition value of the game itself. For example, titles like Counter Strike allow you to buy items such as skins and popular weapons. Interested parties can purchase them at low prices and then resell them on the market for a good profit.

Within the platform, it is common to find digital forums that become a complete market for accessories and virtual goods. Therefore, interested parties are informed about how to generate money on Steam and obtain benefits.

Sell ​​stickers and cards

generate money on Steam

There are two varieties of Steam cards. On the one hand, there are the cards that give you virtual balance on Steam. These balances can be exchanged for a game that is of interest to you. While, on the other hand, there are the cards that give you access only to specific games.

If you want to make money, you can find a way to get these cards for free and then sell them. This method requires you to spend time and have a lot of patience. If you want to have some extra income at the end of the month, the results will make your effort worthwhile.

On the other hand, there are also Steam trading cards, which are also known as “Trading Cards” and that you can collect. If you manage to get all cards associated with a game, you can unlock a badge to “level up” on the platform. At the same time you can get virtual gifts like profile icons and wallpapers.

In the Steam community market there is also the possibility of acquiring trading cards by paying with real money. However, you can get them for free and select the possibility of selling them for a very attractive price.

Participate in eSports

In the Steam catalog there are games that are very popular in the e-Sports universe. You will be able to monetize your passion for e-Sports by taking advantage of this option. Earn money playing video games. It is the perfect combination of fun and economic benefit.

There are Steam titles that have a high role in e-Sports events and championships. Among them are Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, SMITE, Master Arena, Dota and Krunker. The Prizes offered in this type of competition range from economic remuneration in your local currency, to money within the Steam sites.

As you can see, earning money with Steam is possible. It is a reality that is worth exploring, especially if you are passionate about the world of video games and it is a platform that you use regularly.

Sell ​​mods on Steam Workshop

In this mode you can earn money by using your knowledge to create software extensions that modify video games. Selling mods is one of the best ways to generate money on Steam.

The mods allow the edition of a game adding endless new possibilities, settings, dialogues, characters and objects. Many users will be willing to pay for these modifications. On the other hand, you, as an author, will have the right to claim remuneration for your work.

Generate money on Steam:Try platform games like Bananatic

There are games that are available on, apart from Steam, platforms like Bananatic. This website allows you to play them for free and earn rewards for it. Before you get any profit you have to complete some specific tasks. Among them we can mention completing missions, seeing ads, filling in game surveys, recommending new users, etc.

Bananatic users who play the options in their catalog will be able to win bananas” which is the virtual currency on this platform. This is exchangeable for other games, Steam credit, gift cards, skins, and other items. The rewards you get can be used in Bananatic or transformed into Steam balances that you will later take advantage of on that other site.

Your own games: Create your projects

While it is true the fact that the Steam catalog is extensive, you can find plenty of indie games created by independent developers. This means that if you are knowledgeable about the subject, you can create your new titles and offer them for sale on Steam.

All you need is for your projects to attract the necessary interest so that you can earn money. Of course, the more attractive and original your game projects are to other users, the greater your chances of selling them and generating money on Steam.

Take advantage of CS:GO offers

Other ways to generate income is to be attentive to the offers that CS:GO offers in the menu. These offers include stickers, sticker capsules and music kits. If your intention is to buy at a low price, you must be attentive to the market. Prices change every three days so you can buy cheap and wait for its market value to rise before reselling it.

Among the items you can trade are the Drug War Veteran sticker and the Enfu sticker capsule. You already know how to earn money, just be patient and start monetizing your hobby.

Frequent questions on generate money on Steam

We cannot conclude this post without showing you the answers to some frequently asked questions related to the topic of how to generate money on Steam. We hope that some of them will serve as a guide in your professional development.

1. Why are some mods free and others cost money?

Actually, each modder decides if it’s worth putting up for sale. Just like buying a game, paying for a mod helps support and reward the team that worked to design the new content.

2. What is Steam wallet?

The Steam wallet is essentially a bank that contains money to spend on games. You can also use that money to purchase downloadable content (DLC) and new game content.

3. What can be done with Steam silver?

You can use the funds in your Steam wallet both to purchase games on Steam and to make purchases from games that support Steam transactions. Always be attentive, you can review your order before confirming it.

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