Making Money as a Music Producer in Ingenious Ways

As music production evolves, the prospects for music producers, musicians, and artists continue to expand, with almost limitless possibilities. It used to be much more challenging to make money in the music industry unless you were signed to a label or had many connections. Since then, things have altered dramatically.


It’s no longer acceptable to send out demos to record labels while waiting for them to find you. Going from bar to bar, imploring owners to hire you to perform at their establishments, is likewise a dying practice. It doesn’t operate that way anymore, and your success is right at your fingertips this time.



1. Make money by selling beats or royalty-free music.


There has been an increase in music producers and beat creators selling “type beats” to independent singers, artists, and rappers. The majority of them are making a killing selling instrumentals on their websites and other platforms and marketing their digital wares through social media.


Prices for beats range from $19 to $199, depending on the quality of the beat, the size of the clientele, and your level of fame as a producer. When it comes to pricing, licensing kinds (non-exclusive leasing vs. exclusive tiers) are also considered, but there is no clear guideline for this.


Selling beats has the advantage of allowing you to earn money while you sleep — build a beat today, sell it on your website, and move on. Depending on your schedule, repeat daily, weekly, or monthly. It’s all about passive income! It is one easy way on how to make money as a music producer.



2. Create your own YouTube channel


Have you ever wondered how PewDiePie, Logan Paul, and Ryan ToysReview became so successful on YouTube, raking in billions of dollars?


They all started at the bottom, just like everyone else. Creating content daily and being “everywhere” on social media, they build a reputation for themselves as their fan base grows.


Uploading your beats on YouTube and maintaining a consistent upload schedule can help you expand your portfolio and business. Prepare a branding strategy and be distinct enough to stick out from the crowd.



3. Increase your income streams by using Patreon.


So, what exactly is Patreon? Patreon is a membership platform that gives creators the tools they need to create a subscription content service, as well as opportunities for them to build relationships with their customers or “patrons”.


This will be similar to a private fan club. Your consumers will pay a charge in exchange for access to exclusive content that other subscribers do not have.




4. Offer sample packs for sale


Some producers can create their synth riffs and alter their percussion sounds and effects on music production. Others, however, cannot or do not have the time to do so.


They are in severe need of you! If you’re a producer with a knack for sound design, this is the perfect opportunity for you to earn money.


Create bespoke drum kits, synth samples, and preset packs for VSTs like Serum, Massive, Sylenth, and others. It is one of the ways on how to make money as a music producer.




5. Provide mastering and mixing services


Yes, indeed! Mixing and mastering are the most critical steps before releasing music. “How many musicians, singers, and rappers release music regularly?” you might question. There are a lot of them, especially the self-sufficient ones.


For most artists on a tight budget, booking a high-end professional studio for this service could be prohibitively expensive. Take advantage of your ear for balancing mixes and making them the most refined version they can be by offering these services for a lower fee, based on the number of tracks, your level of competence, studio equipment, and other aspects that you’d like to consider.



6. Make your services available on freelance platforms.


Freelancing websites are often thought of as platforms that are primarily useful for administrative and IT tasks. Although the majority of companies are seeking these services, music producers can also get into this market.


Clients require the music for short films, startup advertisements, and independently published apps or games. There are occupations like bespoke song production; nursery rhymes composing, podcast editing, music content authoring, and many more if you’re versatile enough and willing to try additional audio-related chores.



7. Look into music licensing.


Music licensing for TV and cinema is one of the most profitable fields to add to your resume. Isn’t it fantastic? But how does it function? Essentially, you create instrumental cues or songs with vocals that could be used in television or cinema, pitch them to music libraries, and wait to get signed to their catalog.


To be successful in this industry, your music must be exceptional. As you deal with music supervisors and library owners who will assist you achieve sync placements, networking and a little bit of people skills will come in handy.



8. Teach Music Lessons


Do you have the ability to play the piano? Maybe the guitar or the drums? Whatever instrument you play, you may use your skills to educate others and help them grow theirs. You can do it in your home studio, offer home service and visit your students’ homes, or do it through Skype if you prefer convenience.


Target potential clients near you by advertising online through your website or Facebook ads. When it comes to Skype lessons, don’t be afraid to branch out and educate students from all over the world.



9. Make money by selling online courses and tutorials.


You can supplement your passive income by selling pre-recorded online courses and tutorials in addition to one-on-one tuition. The majority of online courses are delivered via video, but you may enhance your learning experience by using many types of material, including audio, text, and photographs.


Even better if you can create something more interactive to make it more engaging and immersive for your students while they learn.




10. Make your music available on all streaming platforms, such as Spotify, iTunes, and Google Play.


Streaming royalties are another method to make money while you sleep. You can quadruple your income by generating music for a fan following if you’ve established your brand as a beatmaker. This time, you’re not working behind the scenes, but you’re the primary artist in front of the camera.

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