My time at Portia: A guide to get started

My Time at Portia is a game that takes place in Portia, a very colorful and bustling city. You arrive at it after your father leaves you in charge of an old workshop and you assume the role of the new builder of the city. As part of your responsibilities you must complete assignments from the town hall. You must help the development of the city and its numerous inhabitants.

Assignments can vary greatly. These range from supplying construction materials to the local farmer to manufacturing transport infrastructure. It could also be that you are in charge of building a bridge to improve connections between nearby towns. In the end, you have to do a lot of things that make life easier for the people of Portia.

My Time at Portia is a 3D simulation adventure video game for PC. The protagonists, you in this case, inherit a workshop that is located in a town. In this town all its inhabitants are recovering from a catastrophe that destroyed all the technology that was there. Your goal is to help in recovery. You must build objects to improve that society and the friendly relations between its members.

My time at Portia: Your greatest challenges

My time at Portia has everything and everyone. The activities you develop during the game will be entirely your choice. It is your decision how you will pass your time while you are in Portia. Which of the following challenges appeals to you the most?

Start your own workshop

Start rebuilding Dad’s old abandoned workshop. Reclaim resources and begin to win the love and hearts of your local community. Dedicate yourself to working on commissions daily and complete missions for the inhabitants.

Manage your new farm

Enjoy raising animals and growing your crops. Transform the empty forest around your workshop into a quaint tiny farm. My Time at Portia brings you a fresh approach to farming. This allows you to take better advantage of the cultivation beds and irrigation systems. Don’t forget to take your llama or horse for a pleasant ride around the city.

My time at Portia: Become a creative being

My time at Portia

Make your cabin become a home. Use a wide variety of furniture. Decorations and workshop upgrades to give it your personal touch. Each upgrade will add status potentials to your character and, why not say it, it will look great.

Become part of the community

Join the Portia community. This extraordinary human group is no different than others, it is a huge cast of energetic personalities. They have daily routines and many exciting tales to share with you.

Like any human group, the inhabitants of Portia go to work every day, dine in restaurants and exercise. In general, they interact each other in several different ways. Don’t forget to set aside time to meet them. It is possible that you achieve a romance that will leave you shocked. Enjoy my time at Portia.

Explore and fight

Dedicate yourself to exploring the old ruins of Portia and its dungeons. Get a pickaxe and a relic detector and start looking for resources and ancient treasures. Be careful because there will be hordes of terrifying monsters and dangerous bosses. They will stand between you and your precious loot so don’t forget to get a weapon

Develop your own skills

Acquire skills that will help you in your challenges, raise the level of your character. Make decisions about what skills you will have. You can boost your combat skills, crafting skills, or social skills. It all depends on your personal style of play.

How to make money on my time at Portia

In this video game, as in others, there is a system of awarding money for tasks completed. In this case, such money is called Goal and it is something that you must pursue in order to later spend it and improve your level in my time at Portia.

At the beginning of the game you will actually have very few resources. To start getting them you need to start building basic things. Progressively and as you build, you can start thinking of ways to increase your Goal income.

Make sure you have the basic building items. Once you have them, your options for making money will greatly expand. Let’s look at some basic concepts and tips that will help you increase your availability of money.

Play the market

Throughout the city of Portia, you will find various shops where you can buy and sell specific items. If you sell an item related to the shop’s specialty, you get a small bonus. For example, selling furniture to my time at Portia‘s furniture stores.

There is also the possibility of obtaining seasonal bonuses due to price fluctuations. For example, buy from a store at a low price and then resell it when inflation rises. So when prices go down, buy, hold, and then sell when prices go up again. You can easily earn a few thousand Goals in a single game day.

Build, Build, Build

Possibly the most reliable way to earn income is through the Board of Trade Commission. All you have to do is take a job off the board, complete it, and return the materials to the person who gave you the contract. Everything is fast and direct, work completed, work delivered.

We recommend that you keep an eye out for contracts identified with a ribbon around the top left corner. These belong to my time at Portia Trading Commission and offer higher rewards. Do not miss the opportunities to achieve more than one of these contracts. That’s where the real money comes in.

Spend wisely

This strategy, while it won’t make you more money, will help you stay in action longer. For example, don’t spend for a pass to the Forsaken Ruins if you later plan to spend resources on building your house.

On the other hand, if you pay for the week, better do it for the whole day every day. Also don’t buy anything you can make or grow. It will always be cheaper than buying it from one of Portia’s stores.

Boots and more boots

Every area that is built with multiple buildings, and even areas where farmhouses are located, hide loot. Behind or inside buildings, on an island, on peninsulas there are hidden chests. Some of them contain fantastic items that you can keep for your own use or sell for money.

Frequent questions on my time at Portia

1. Can my Windows PC run my time at Portia?

It depends. Verify that your PC meets the following minimum conditions

Windows 7+ / 8.1 / 10 operating system

Intel i3 CPU


Ati 7770 graphics card, NVidia GeForce GTX 660 2GB

5.Directx Version 10

6GB hard drive

2. What do I need to earn money with commissions?

Orders can come to you in three ways. These are, those of the Chamber of Commerce, messages that arrive in your mailbox and requests that you receive from another inhabitant of Portia. For all of them you will need a builder’s license.

3. How to improve my relationship with other inhabitants of Portia?

There are many ways. Your relationship with your neighbors can be improved just by talking to them and giving them gifts. You can even encourage rapprochement by playing rock-paper-scissors. The most productive way is to carry out the assignments that they ask of you.

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