How Much Money Does Tanner Braungardt Earn on Youtube?

The channel has over 4.5 million subscribers as of 2020 growing by a median of three hundred new subs daily and has accumulated over 1.3 billion a brand new video is announced daily on the platform. In a day, the channel is in a position to average around 200,000 views across all its several videos this could generate calculable revenue of around $1,000 per day ($365,000 a year) from advertisements that run on the videos.

YouTubers get paid $2 – $7 per thousand monetized views when YouTube takes its cut Monetized views to vary from four-hundredth – to eightieth of the entire views of these influenced by many factors just like the device compete on, the situation of the viewer, ad inventory, what number ads their on a video, what number individuals skip the ads, form of publicity, ad engagement, a form of content, etc. the price of a commercial read is predicated on an auction between advertisers supported views. Advertisers got to bid a minimum of $0.01 per reading.

There is a program referred to as Google’s most popular wherever deep-pocketed corporations will target ads on the highest five-hitter of most well-liked content. The ad rates here aside from ads, YouTubers generate from YouTube Red viewers who pay a monthly fee to look at premium content on YouTube and watch videos while no ads. Here paid ads sponsors are supported according to the watch time of videos by viewers, this helps to earn extra money.

Tanner makes financial gain through support deals. He has done one with SkyBound Trampolines.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

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