The fastest ways to earn money on Graveyard Keeper

Graveyard Keeper is a game that shows us one of the jobs that would be less attractive to take on your own initiative: being a graveyard keeper. This creepy game was developed by Lazy Bear Games. It is about a person who, when returning home, after visiting his family, is hit by a car and dies.

As if this wasn’t dramatic enough, he wakes up in limbo and learns that from now on he will be the Graveyard Keeper. The setting of the story is set in a rather bizarre medieval fantasy world.

The goal of the game is to complete missions and collect digital coins as payment. In the first levels of the game there is not much money to win. You will meet many NPCs who will give you quests for which there are not many rewards. In this part you are considered as the messenger and you help people without receiving decent profit.

At the start of Graveyard Keeper, money is not much of an issue. You can get all the materials you need in your natural environment. However, at higher levels money takes center stage and you should start worrying about getting it. The game has several ways to get rich. Let’s see some of them:

Burial Certificates: Earn Money Graveyard Keeper

These certificates are obtained by the burial of a corpse in the cemetery or its cremation. After you get them, you can sell these certificates at the tavern to the east of the village. This is one of the easiest methods of receiving profit. However, don’t expect to get rich from these burials. The money you get will serve you just to cover your basic needs.

You can get one silver and fifty copper coins from the sale of burial certificates. These certificates are the only product that is sold in large quantities and systematically. You can do this all the time as long as the game’s supply and demand mechanics are not activated.

Collection: Another source of income

Graveyard Keeper

Around the cemetery you are in charge of you will find flowers, mushrooms and berries. If you want to earn income, you can collect them and sell them in the tavern for a few coins. For the beginning, it is a good way to make a good amount of money.

Later in the course of the game you will be able to plant them and get more money from their sale. You can also use it in your recipes that you can download in later levels. Weird, no? Well, it’s part of this whole surreal environment.

Earn money in Graveyard Keeper: Corpse Sale

In your role as Graveyard Keeper you will learn what you can do to a corpse while it is on the autopsy table. You can do everything from taking the meat from their bodies to extracting their organs. Later you can take this meat to the tavern and sell it there.

Sometimes you may be presented with the situation that they do not want to buy from you if you do not present a stamp. With this they require you to prove the authenticity of said meat. Don’t worry when this happens to you, an option to the contrary would mean buying the stamp through Royal Services.

Royal Services can be found in the mailbox when you unlock it in front of the church. There you will have to pay fifty silver coins to get it. It may not be the most flattering option, but you can earn much higher amounts than those obtained by the two previous methods.

Sermons in the church: Prayers to the jazz group

When you get the first opportunity, open the church. Once open, you can give a sermon there once a week. Your parishioners will also make some very succulent contributions. As your sermons improve, donations will be more generous. You can also improve the church in order to obtain much better income.

Start your game you can start with the casual prayer given to you by the bishop. This gives you 3 copper for each graveyard quality. Additionally, you receive a religion for every 5 qualities of church. The money you get as soon as you are ready to create or buy a sentence from the jazz group.

You can buy the jazz group through the bishop for one silver coin and twelve copper. It is also achieved from a church work table with a book and 7 religions. Giving one of your best sermons will increase donations by 50%, 100% and even 150%.

Crates of Goods: Find the Merchant Online

As you progress through the game levels, you will have the opportunity to meet the businessman from the World Health Organization. At first this character will doubt you and your potential to operate as a Graveyard Keeper.

However, if you manage to collect thirty names, you can start a questline. Only then will you make the employer willing to make a transaction. Previously, you must have obtained a commercial license that you will achieve by paying fifty silver coins.

After obtaining your license, you will be able to open an office. There you can start selling products in bulk. You can generate these product boxes from inside your house. It’s up to you to keep a lot of options in the selections of what you can sell.

Witch Burnings: Find the Inquisitor

Do you already have forty names at the inquisitor level? If so, the time has come to build a tent and start selling food there. You are also enabled to burn witches. Already positioned at this level, you unlock one of the most profitable ways to earn cash. Only a small amount of effort and creation will position you in this place and earn money in appreciable amounts.

You can start by stocking your tent with 5 Gold Quality Burgers and 10 Gold Beer Mugs. Other products you could sell include onions and golden hops. If you wish, you can prepare your hamburgers for which you will have various ingredients. The reward for the preparation and sale of these burgers is up to thirty-three silver coins and four religions.

Selling books to the fortune teller

Do you need some prayer science books for study? Well, as soon as you can, unlock the “Books” section of the tech table. These books will help you get some blue tech points.

But, you have to be very careful because you can end up with a list of books that will not be of use to you. To avoid it, you must gather enough science and basic elements for sentences. Then you must locate the fortune teller who will help you to sell books to the bishop.

The profit here could be silver and gold coins. To be exact: that would be 13 silver (26 copper) and 26 silver (52 copper). To achieve this may require you to use hard covers, combination of soft covers, tanning agents and a lot of faith.

The Fish: Skills as Graveyard Keeper

Selling fish is another way to collect coins in Graveyard Keeper. In fact, it is one of the skills that you must learn during your game development as a resident guardian of the graveyard site.

But be careful, first you must have your own fishing rod. You will probably get one after your initial interaction with the fortune teller and for this, the fortune teller must be installed on your site. Once achieved, you will have the option to receive, reciprocally, 6 months for a rod or die directly.

Graveyard Keeper features 5 different fishing spots where you can get up to 16 different fish. From these fish you will be able to obtain various materials, from fillets to pseudo-scientific reagents. You can sell these products to different customers or you can also convert them into raw material.

A Talking Skull: Alien Sins DLC

Take the opportunity to open your own tavern and call it “Talking Bone”. This way you will have the opportunity to sell food and alcohol in the organization of events. Remember, you must previously have Alien Sins DLC enabled.

The talking skull represents for you, at the same time, both an asset and a liability. Increase the quality of your tavern and increase the number of customers you will receive. Sell ​​alcohol and increase your financial income. Keep your alcohol and food inventory up to date so you can meet the demands and earn money here.

Frequently Asked Questions Graveyard Keeper

What is the point of Graveyard Keeper?

Graveyard Keeper by Lazy Bear Games is a simulation game. This extraordinary game assigns each player the task of managing the dead in the city. You will also have to process their bodies and bury them in a cemetery that, above all, will be your responsibility to take care of it.

Does Graveyard Keeper have an ending?

Yes, it does, although it is still in development. You find the ending by completing the main game after finishing the DLC quest line. There is a third DLC called “Game of Crone” which was released on October 27, 2020 and has additional story content.

Does Graveyard Keeper have a cooperative?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have. Graveyard Keeper‘s theme makes it unsuitable for cooperative mode.

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